"Secret Splendors of the Desert: Anza- Borrego Desert State Park"®

"Secret Splendors", the book, and this website are organized in the same fashion.

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Coyote Creek

page one 1.barrel cactus in bloom2. barrel cactus needles 3.barrel cactus bloom close up

page two 4. desert primrose in rain 5. flower carpet during heavy rain

page three 6, perfectly camouflaged western diamondback rattlesnake 7. ocotillo bloom

8. sunrise ocotillo landscape

page four 9. early morning cholla and yucca landscape 10. desert lilly 11. brittle bush among varnished rock

page five 12. landscape featuring blooming agave 13. full bloom agave

Arizona & San Diego Railroad

page one 1. from one hour away 2. tunnel with moon scape 3. inside tunnel 4.full view of trestle

page two 4. trestle detail 5. left side trestle bulkworks 6. intricate truss detail

page three 7. truss detail close 8. trestle curve towards tunnel 9. old steam engine water tower

The Dunes

page one 1.sand and shadows 2. light through old bedspring 3. up the ripples of the dunes

page two 4. verbena in the dunes 5. verbena in dune chevrons

Vista Malpais

page one 1.overview of Malpais 2. sunrise shadows 3. eroded hills deep shadows

page two 4. eroded hills soft light 5. morning twilight

Fish Creek Wash

page one 1. sandstone crack designs with desert aster 2. smoke tree at entrance to Sandstone cyn

3. desert aster in wash at split mountain

page two 4. desert primrose 5. datura bloom first blush of sunrise 6. layer cake

page three 7. anticline with desert aster at split mountain 8. rock swirls split mountain

page four 9. flowers and water in wash during wet winter 10. lupine and yellow poppies

11. flower carpet and running water in wash

With the Essay

page one 1.brittle bottle washer carrizo wash 2. Clark's dry lake during wet winter

3. brittle bush at sunrise canyon sin nombre

page two 4. pumpkin patch 5. green desert carpet during wet winter

Font's Point

page one 1.view of Borrego badlands from Font's pt. 2. agave landscape towards Font's pt.

page two 3. red sky sunset. 4. soft red long view from Font's pt.

Hawk Canyon

page one. 1. hammer like rock formation 2. in the slot

page two 3. ridge with water basins looking toward Font's pt. 4. moonset over Hawk canyon

Rock Art

page one 1. rock art site 2. close up of rock art symbols

page two 3. other painted symbols. 4. more painted symbols

Torote Canyon

page one 1. elepant tree leaf detail 2. rare elephant tree

Plum Canyon

page one 1. chuparosa bloom 2.chuparosa landscape at sunrise

page two 3. chuparosa and brittle bush at rock outcrop 4. agave blooms 5. backlit cholla at sunrise

page three 6. hummingbird at agave blooms 7. phacelia and yellow poppies

Henderson Canyon road

page one 1.flower carpet 2. flower carpet- same location- 6 weeks later

page two 3. sand verbena landscape at sunrise 4. caterpillar on verbena

page three 5. palm fronds 6. tips of palm fronds

page four 7. purple beavertail cactuses 8. beavertail "hats" (closed blooms)

Mountain Palm Springs

page one 1. Washingtonia Palm grove 2. spring flows from ground 3. precipitate on spring floor

Five Palms

page one 1. full moon with palm 2. morning twilight


page one 1. Borrego Palm Canyon 2. foggy sunrise 3. stringy yucca leaves

page two 4. verbena seedlings 5. old implement at site of Rancho de Anza

6. close up of flower carpet Henderson Canyon rd

page three 7. paloverde seed pods 8. paloverde blooms

page four 9. pastel moonset 10. author with camera at five years old

Sample copy from the book: The Introduction