"Splendors of Light, the Colorado Plateau"

The book and this website are organized the same way. Images are presented in the same ratios as the book, and are by the location of where they were made, as published. Often insitu views of an image are shown on facing pages, with an artistic view of the image. Also displayed are images made separated by only 15 to 30 minutes that are dramatically different because of the rapidly changing light.

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title one

title two

ARCHES NP (book pages 8-21)

arches one

arches two

arches three

arches four

arches five

BRYCE CANYON NP (book pages 22-37)

bryce one

bryce two

bryce three

bryce four

bryce five

CANYONLANDS NP (book pages 38-51)

canyon one

canyon two

canyon three

canyon four

canyon five

CAPITOL REEF NP (book pages 52-63)

capitol one

capitol two

capitol three

capitol four

FIELD STORIES (book pages 64-69)

DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND (book pages 70-75)

devil's one

devil's two


dixie fall one

dixie fall two

dixie fall three

NORTH RIM GRAND CANYON NP (book pages 86-93)

north rim one

north rim two

north rim three

HOLE IN THE ROCK- LAKE POWELL (book pages 94-99)

hole in rock one

hole in rock two

KODACHROME BASIN STATE PARK (book pages 100-103)

kodachrome basin one

LEE'S FERRY- ON THE COLORADO RIVER (book pages 104-107)

lee ferry one

MONUMENT VALLEY (book pages 108-121)

monval one

monval two

monval three

monval four

monval five

ZION NP (book pages 122-125)

zion one